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Alli Bright headshot
Alli Bright
West Gippsland Healthcare Group
Improvement and Innovation Advisor
03 5623 0806

Alli is a registered nurse, with a post graduate certificate in paediatrics, working with children for 20 years. She has a background in surgical nursing and commenced as a redesign project officer in 2011, supporting the redesign hospital care program Losing Wait to improve patient flow through surgical services. Alli completed the ACHS Quality Improvement Lead program and Professional Health Systems Management Certificate.

Alli has been involved in improvement initiatives across my organisation including Sepsis Scaling Project, Patient Flow Partnership, and led improvements across pre-admission services and surgical services, improving access, flow, efficiencies and satisfaction for staff and consumers.

She mentors staff undertaking project work and has facilitated improvement workshops, providing staff with skills and tools to undertake quality improvement activities. Alli has a passion for data and use this to support and drive change within the organisation.

Recent highlights

  • Completed the IHI Professional Coach Professional Development Program (2019)
  • Developed the organisation wide Continuous Improvement Framework (2019)
  • Coaching the IHI BTS Delirium project team (2019)
  • Implemented R.E.A.C.H program to engage with consumers  and provide them with a pathway to raise concerns when they are worried about their or their loved ones condition and to create the best experience for them during their hospital stay (2018)
  • Implemented Pregnancy Care Centre to improve women’s antenatal experience, improve patient and staff satisfaction and increase capacity for outpatients (2015)

Why I do what I do

“After my initial role in redesign, I quickly developed a strong passion for eliminating waste and improving processes within my health service. I enjoy implementing change that results in improved efficiencies and enhancement of consumer experience. Helping people to perform better and see things differently is challenging but very rewarding.”

Page last updated: 05 Aug 2021