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Posted by on 12 Apr 2021
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Patience experience and outcomes

Have you got your virtual pass for GIANT STEPS 2021 yet?

Get to know our keynote speakers! As we countdown to the virtual conference like no other, we got chatting to Tiffany Christensen.

To see what Tiffany has in store for us on the day visit our event program.

Meet Tiffany Christensen

Giant Steps speaker - Tiffany Christensen

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Q. Your keynote address is titled 'my bed’s eye view' - What would you say is the most important thing you’ve learnt about the healthcare system as a patient?   

As a patient, it sometimes feels like the clinicians have my fate in their hands but that is a misperception. I am guiding my care whether I am aware of that or not.

Q. What holds health systems back from making care more patient-focused?    

Aside from tradition and habit, I think there is a fear of not knowing how to engage with patients as equals (experts in their body). We fear what we don’t know and it’s too easy to avoid it rather than move into it.

Q. In your experience, what are the most important systemic drivers for change when it comes to creating consistently positive patient experiences.     

Leadership, Leadership, Leadership. PX Champions and PX Programs are limited to the level in which leadership supports these individuals and programs. Without an AUTHENTIC commitment to PX, an organization will never truly be able to make PX a priority.

Q. What’s one change that you made in the crisis of 2020 for the better?    

My life got much less busy. At first it was disorienting but over time it became quite peaceful to not have a million places to be and things to do.

Q. We wish we could have held this event in person, if you’d been able to travel to Australia, where would you most like to visit while here?    

I love animals and the images of koalas, kangaroos and tropical fish in Australia make me giddy! If I was there, I would have to find ways to see those adorable creatures in real life!

Catch more from Tiffany at GIANT STEPS 2021 on Wednesday 12 May. If you haven't already got a ticket, you can grab one here. 

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