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VAHI has consulted with a range of stakeholders to get your feedback on our reports, and the quality and safety measures we report in them, to inform our reporting program for 2018–19. We have received feedback from a wide range of health service CEOs, boards, senior clinicians and quality and safety managers, organisations such as Safer Care Victoria and the Department of Health and Human Services, other clinical groups, and consumers.

In addition to your valuable feedback, we have also engaged KPMG to undertake a review of measures in VAHI reports, focusing on the usefulness of the safety and quality measures, including the capacity of these measures to drive improvements to patient outcomes.

We have already addressed the most common concern raised – the low mortality DRG measure. As detailed in our last newsletter, we have withdrawn this measure from our reports and it will not be included in the Statement of Priorities for 2018–19, pending review. Stakeholders have also told us that while they see the value of our reports, there are concerns about overlapping content and the timeliness of the data reported. Our plan to develop an online portal is well supported, as are the development of dashboards, summary pages and more data visualisations (e.g. trend graphs).

Next steps? As we finalise our reporting program for 2018–19 we will assess the feasibility of acting on the feedback received. We anticipate that we will implement some changes this year, whereas other feedback might require more scoping and longer term implementation strategies. Responses to our consultation paper and our reporting program for 2018–19 will be published on our website in August–September.

If you have any feedback on our reports that you’d like to provide to us, please email as soon as possible.

Page last updated: 04 Jul 2018

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