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Over the past few months, VAHI has invited a range of stakeholders to provide feedback on our reports and the measures contained within. We are now developing a consultation summary report for release in late August, focusing on the key issues you have raised.

Much of the feedback noted the need to improve the overall content and structure of VAHI’s reports and clarify the relationships between them. Specifically, we received suggestions to reduce the duplication of measures, and improve the format, presentation and timeliness of data.

We received feedback requesting changes to some of the measures that are currently in our reports. For instance, there were requests for additional hospital acquired complications (HACs) including falls, medication complications and malnutrition. Some feedback requested additional core hospital-based outcomes indicators (CHBOIs), particularly condition-specific mortality measures. There was also strong support for reporting aged care and additional mental health measures.

Feedback also proposed new measures for future reporting, including: patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and other consumer-focused measures, critical care and palliative care measures. Broader themes for new measures included community health, human services and ambulance care. Some of the feedback suggested that measures of safety should be prioritised over measures of quality.

Our next step will be to prioritise the measures for development, as a joint effort between VAHI, Safer Care Victoria and the Department. In the short term, our focus will be using the feedback received to guide refinements to the existing suite of reports.

More information on VAHI’s plans for applying the feedback to our reporting program will be featured in coming editions of VAHI news.

In the meantime, if you have any feedback on our reports, please email

Page last updated: 07 Aug 2018

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