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The Victorian Agency for Health Information (VAHI) monitors and reports on quality and safety data within Victoria's health system. 

Data are collected and presented in many different ways and to different audiences, including health services, government and the Victorian community. 

These data and reports allow more opportunities for quality and safety improvements within health services, transparency of health service performance for the Victorian community, and greater accuracy of the overall picture of Victoria's health.

The VAHI portal is an interactive data website that provides quality and safety performance data on Victoria’s health services.
VAHI produces a range of reports on health service performance, quality and safety.
Victorian Health Services Performance data aims to provide Victorians with an accurate picture about the performance of health services in their local area.
Information collected about the health status of the Victorian population is used to inform policy development and assist planning efforts to improve health services.
VAHI leverages many data sources to provide meaningful health quality and safety performance information to Victorian health services and the community.
Clinical coding and classifications group aspects of patient information and characteristics into categories based on established criteria, logic and conventions.
Maintaining the integrity of performance and activity data in key public health service datasets ensures that these datasets accurately reflect the care provided to patients.
VAHI has many responsibilities in relation to data management, standards and privacy.

Page last updated: 11 Dec 2020