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Posted on 04 Nov 2020

The VAHI Year in review 2019-20 has highlighted its continuing work to deliver trusted information to inform better decisions that improve the health and wellbeing of Victorians.

The Year in review showcases the progress against the priorities identified in the agency’s corporate and strategic plans and its many achievements from the year. 

“In the first year of our three-year strategy, our focus was on delivering the foundations and enriching our products and services,” VAHI CEO Dr Lance Emerson said. 

Among many highlights from across the agency, the VAHI Information Management Environment (VIME) and Portal project reached major milestones, including the launch of the new Victorian Health Services Performance website in November 2019. 

Another key achievement was the launch of the VAHI Data Request Hub in July 2019. In its first year of operation, the Hub allowed the agency to complete 18% more requests than in the year prior. 

Quality and safety in health services continued to be a priority for VAHI, with the release of the Victorian Health Incident Management System’s first statewide report. The report provides greater visibility of safety incidents and hazards in health services, supporting further improvements in the quality, safety and experience of health care. 

Collaboration was a key theme for the year, with VAHI taking many opportunities to co-design improvements to existing products with partners and stakeholders, ensuring our products deliver only the most relevant information. 

In addition to the agency’s planned 2019-20 activities, VAHI provided significant support to Victoria’s COVID-19 response.

“VAHI’s focus for the 2020 calendar year so far has been on assisting health services, clinicians, the Department and many others in COVID-19 efforts,” Dr Emerson said.

“Following the rising COVID-19 cases in March 2020, we quickly adapted the VAHI Portal to provide staff across health services and government with access to COVID-19-related data.” 

“Our rapid response to COVID-19 also included releasing VAHI specialist staff to assist in data analysis, epidemiological roles, population health surveillance and contact tracing, among many other tasks.”

The VAHI Year in review 2019-20 is available here.

Page last updated: 10 Nov 2020