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Posted on 09 Nov 2020
Corporate information

We are refreshing our website’s structure and navigation to make it easier for you to find the information you need quickly and easily.

Combining all information related to healthcare quality and safety, our shared Better Safer Care website represents: 

So we have worked together to restructure the website to better meet your needs and to best present information from five different bodies.

The website will be structured around our key services and products, including:

  • Clinical guidance – Our most popular content by far, our best practice guidance and resources will be easier to find and browse/search.
  • Notifications – All your reporting obligations (be it to SCV, VAHI, CCOPMM or VPCC) will be in one handy place.
  • Data and reports – Want to find out what data we collect and what you can request? This section lays it all out.
  • Support and training – Request some help with an incident review or engaging a consumer, or find out what training or development programs exist.
  • Improvement – A brand new resource that will give you the understanding and inspiration you need to get your next improvement project off the ground.

We will be making these changes over the next six weeks, so the navigation will appear different at times.

Please bear with us while we make the changes.

If you having trouble finding anything, please email

Page last updated: 10 Nov 2020