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Posted on 04 Nov 2020

Health data and information literacy is front and centre in a new educational video series produced by VAHI. The five videos describe how to interpret common data visualisations, allowing report audiences to make the most of the information they receive.

Throughout the year, VAHI provides health information through several reports to health services, clinicals and executives. These reports display data in different chart types, including bar charts, funnel plots and time series. When read collectively, these charts provide a snapshot of each health service, showing how it is performing across a range of established quality and safety measures, how its performance compares to its peers, and how it is performing over time. 

“For people reading these reports for the first time, analysing the data may be a little confusing, which is why these videos have been developed,” Christopher Brown, Manager, Management reporting said. 

“The series provides an explanation on the type of data provided and how to interpret the results.”

By understanding the reports VAHI provides, health service boards and executives are better able to interpret and understand the performance at their health service, develop strategies to improve outcomes and enhance decision-making. Additionally, a greater understanding of quality and safety data provides opportunities for peer services to work together, and to recognise the outstanding work being done across the Victorian health system. 

The videos are available to watch here. We will be highlighting one video from the series in VAHI news each month. 

We are keen to hear from you on any topics or interest areas for our next video series – please email with your ideas. 

Page last updated: 10 Nov 2020