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Our values

Enhancing VAHI’s positive work culture

Since VAHI’s inception in 2017, we have built the foundations of a positive and productive organisational culture and workforce. Creating a supportive and productive working environment is integral to our success as an agency.

During 2019–20, we enhanced this work through defining and embedding a set of values and ensuring the voices of our staff are listened to and acted upon.

In a significant milestone, we finalised the development of our VAHI values in consultation with our workforce. The six values define what is important to us as an agency and drives our behaviour and actions.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented many challenges to our workforce, most significantly the shift to remote working. During the pandemic, more than 95% of our employees transitioned to solely working from home, in line with the recommendations of Victoria’s Chief Health Officer. To support our employees during this time, we implemented a COVID-19 VAHI staff support program, encompassing wellbeing, productivity and social pillars. This program included access to Smiling Mind for all staff members, an app housing tools to support psychological wellbeing supplemented by a workshop program, as well as a six-week Thriving from Home program to equip our workforce with practical techniques for a productive remote working experience.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, VAHI staff contributed to the Department’s remote working pulse surveys to capture staff member insights into their experiences of working from home. These surveys are taken every three weeks, with the final survey before 30 June showing that 96% of VAHI staff members agreed or strongly agreed they had ample access to resources and support. The survey also showed that 92% of staff members agreed or strongly agreed that they received appropriate communications to support their role. The insights gained from these pulse surveys have allowed us to make continuous improvements to our staff support program.

While we made many important contributions to our positive work culture this year, we look forward to continuing this work into 2020–21.

Following the successful celebration of two diversity and inclusion days for Wear It Purple Day and World Day for Cultural Diversity this year, we will implement a diversity and inclusion action plan next year.

In another effort to create a supportive work culture, we will be implementing an agency-wide recognition program to highlight staff members whose actions are in line with our values.

Building capabilities to deliver our strategy

VAHI’s strategic plan is a roadmap of our purpose and priorities for 2019–22. This year, we developed and commenced implementing a capability framework to help us deliver on our strategy by specifying the knowledge, skills and behaviour expected of our workforce. The capability framework encompasses our six values, plus a set of seven skills and three knowledge domains that are critical for the successful delivery of our strategy. These skills include data analysis, critical thinking, business acumen and implementation. By formalising specific skills, values and knowledge domains in this framework, we have created clear expectations for our staff members to guide actions and behaviours.

This framework will be progressively applied to all elements of the employee cycle, including recruitment and selection, welcome and induction, goals and performance, ongoing learning and development, recognition, and reporting and improvement.

The process of building these capabilities in our workforce will largely be enabled by targeted learning opportunities aligned with each element of the capability framework, with data analysis an initial priority. This work commenced this year, and will continue in 2020–21 as an iterative process. The continued work in targeting training opportunities to ensure they align with our strategic plan will ensure improved, relevant growth for our people.

In collaboration with the Department, we will also implement an online performance and development system to allow for greater clarity when setting performance and development goals, and to streamline the capturing of performance and development discussions.

Page last updated: 26 Oct 2020

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