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VAHI has commenced initial work to investigate areas for expansion of our reporting program beyond Victoria’s public and private health services. The appetite for greater availability of data is strong, from both within the Department and across relevant sectors. VAHI is energised by this widespread interest, and will work closely with representatives across sectors to establish priority areas for reporting. This workstream will have an increased focus in 2020–21 and beyond, with VAHI’s vision to expand access to high-quality data and information a key driver of this work.

Providing leadership to help drive quality and safety reforms in Victoria

In 2019–20, VAHI has continued its efforts to support our partners and stakeholders in their use and understanding of health data to drive better, safer care within Victoria. Our primary aim in this area is to ensure that the people responsible for shaping the quality and safety of our health sector have access to meaningful information, and that they use this information to inform important conversations about improvement.

In partnership with SCV and key health service representatives, we have delivered a tailored reporting program to support health service boards, executives and lead clinicians in their interpretation of health data analytics to drive improvement. This program includes the Board safety and quality report for health service boards, Inspire for clinical leaders, VHIMS reported incidents for directors of quality and clinical governance, and Quality and safety in Victorian private hospitals for private hospital executives.

We will continue to work with SCV and health services to ensure our reporting and information products help drive quality and safety reforms across Victoria.

Scoping the expansion of health and human services data within VAHI’s reporting program

While VAHI currently delivers a comprehensive and evolving suite of information relating to health service delivery in Victoria, the next step in our maturity as an agency is to scope the expansion of health and human services data within our reporting program.

During 2019–20, we have explored how data from aged care, primary health care and community care could be included within VAHI’s reporting program. The conversations with representatives across these sectors have been very positive, and the interest in exploring the opportunities is widespread. In 2020–21 and beyond, expanding access to data across sectors will be a high priority.

The COVID-19 pandemic provided an opportunity for VAHI to broker access to primary healthcare data through primary health networks. Data items include number of presentations, number of COVID-19 tests, number of respiratory tests, demographic information and diagnostic information. These data have helped the state’s COVID-19 response by providing a picture of the pandemic’s impact on our health system beyond a hospital setting. Our work in broadening scope by exploring, and later implementing, an expansion of our data in these domains will continue into 2020–21.

We have started our preparation towards reporting on community care with a view to commence this reporting in 2020–21.

Page last updated: 26 Oct 2020

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