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Measuring and tracking our success

Our 2019–20 corporate plan identified our priority initiatives for the year to contribute to our mission. To mark the first year of our three-year strategy, we have assessed these initiatives in line with the four workstreams identified in our strategic plan: delivering the foundations, enriching our products and services, enhancing impact and broadening scope.

Horizons Workstreams Workstream descriptions Indicative activity focus
2019–20 2020–21 2021–22
Immediate priorities Delivering the foundations Strengthening and enhancing strong foundational systems, processes and capabilities High Mid Low
Enriching our products and services Ensuring that VAHI delivers on its current reporting scope and Targeting zero expectations, while improving on current service delivery targets. High Mid Low
Medium-term goals Enhancing impact Focusing on new information products and analyses that lead to change in clinical practice and ultimately health outcomes Low Mid-high Mid
Long-term aspirations Broadening scope Identifying new themes and data areas that allow VAHI to have impact beyond health and into human services. Low Low Mid
Activity focus: Low > Mid > Mid-high > High

Activity focus: Low > Mid > Mid-high > High

In 2018, VAHI developed an evaluation framework to assess and measure our progress against our strategic objectives. We developed a suite of impact measures that assessed perceptions of VAHI, its product and impact across external stakeholders (including health service executives, clinicians and clinical networks), the Department, SCV and VAHI staff. These were first reported on in our Year in review 2018–19 with largely positive results, while also providing us with valuable insights into how and where we could improve. These insights helped us identify priority areas for VAHI from 2018 onwards. 

Our intention has always been to track results across these measures every two years, so we could assess our progress over time. To this end, we were due to undertake follow-up surveys with stakeholders in March–April 2020, with reporting ready for inclusion in this Year in review. Due to the impact of COVID-19, we decided to defer undertaking the stakeholder survey to a time in the future when stakeholders have more time and capacity to share their views on our performance. When that time comes, we will share the results and advise on any changes from our 2018 benchmarks.

While VAHI played an instrumental role in the Victorian Government’s response to COVID-19, we continued to deliver the VAHI Corporate plan 2019–2020 and Strategic plan 2019–2022

VAHI provided regular quality, safety and performance reports for health services, boards and clinicians, and we met our reporting obligations to the Victorian and Australian Governments. 

As a result of VAHI’s contribution to Victoria’s COVID-19 response from March 2020, VAHI developed an Addendum to the Corporate plan 2019–2020 outlining that at least eight of the 27 initiatives will continue to be delivered as we enter 2020–21. The Addendum was endorsed by the Department’s Secretary and approved by the Minister for Health.


Page last updated: 26 Oct 2020

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