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Current workforce

76 employees
55% female
45% male
part time
12% part time
female managers
44% of managers are female
male managers
56% of managers are male

Shaping and strengthening VAHI culture

Developing a strong organisational culture is integral to VAHI’s success.

Each year, VAHI participates in the Victorian Public Sector-wide People Matter Survey. A working group, comprising five members of staff, was set up to look at the 2018 survey results and help to develop a plan to strengthen VAHI’s workplace culture.

The working group analysed the results and developed five key improvement areas:

  • Getting clear on our direction
  • Streamlining our communication
  • Optimising workload allocations and delegations
  • Boosting our wellbeing
  • Refining our recruitment approach.

The working group developed a list of actions that could address the improvement areas and asked staff to rate the ideas in terms of priority and add their own ideas. Actions included refocusing internal communication channels, forming a Staff Experience Consultative Group, strengthening recruitment processes, and supporting a work/life balance through access to health and wellbeing activities.

A Staff Experience Consultative Group was set up in December 2018 to create a feedback loop between VAHI staff and the Executive Committee. The group champions the implementation of the People Matter Survey priority actions and provides a forum for consultation on VAHI’s people-related initiatives.

VAHI will continue these and other efforts to reinforce the organisation’s culture over the coming year and will use the People Matter Survey as one way to measure improvements.

Positioning VAHI for the future

Putting in place the right structure

Over the past 12 months VAHI has successfully implemented a realigned organisational structure. It aimed to ensure we have ‘the right people, culture and capabilities’ to deliver on our organisational mandated.

VAHI places a high value on staff consultation. VAHI staff were involved throughout the realignment process, with weekly check-in meetings to update staff and to address any questions or concerns. Staff contributed 15 recommendations for the changed structure, of which 12 were accepted in full or in part and implemented into the new structure.

The realigned structure reflects VAHI’s transition from ‘build’ to ‘business as usual’ and more accurately reflects management responsibilities.

Building our capabilities

We recognise the importance of building skills for the future and want to see our staff achieve both personal and organisational goals.

We have strengthened the link between the annual performance review process and recognition of achievements. We deployed a new performance review tool that will assist in building a positive and productive organisational culture. The tool facilitates open and constructive performance discussions, recognises achievements and fosters motivated and engaged staff.

Throughout the year, staff have accessed a range of learning and development opportunities focused on building on our core capabilities. Courses on offer have targeted stakeholder engagement, financial literacy and writing skills to support continuous improvement.

Our staff have also had opportunities for professional growth, such as attending specialist seminars and conferences.

Page last updated: 13 Nov 2019

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