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For VAHI to progress towards its mission, we need to be understood, trusted and respected by our partners. VAHI continues to build the key infrastructure, positive workforce culture and strong stakeholder relationships that will allow us to deliver on our vision.

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Communicating with stakeholders

VAHI uses a range of methods to communicate with stakeholders, including direct contact with health services, representation on committees and working groups, and through VAHI-owned channels. These enable us to share critical information on our operations and strategic direction with partners and stakeholders.

Our monthly e-newsletter, VAHI news, continues to be an important way of communicating with stakeholders. Interest in our stories continues to grow and readership has increased steadily through the year. There has been interest across a range of topics including results from our health data integrity audits, the launch of the first quality and safety report for private hospitals, and developments relating to clinical coding.

The Better Safer Care website was launched in March 2018 as a shared website for VAHI and SCV, demonstrating the close partnership between the two agencies. Over the past year, content has been added to the website as more elements of our work have come to fruition. It receives an ever-increasing number of visitors each month.

In August 2018, we began communicating with stakeholders through Twitter and LinkedIn. These channels provide an alternative method for interested parties to learn about our work. We aim to grow the reach of our social media over the coming year.

Improving communication and working with stakeholders will be a priority in 2019 and beyond.

Sharing information through events

In 2019, VAHI held three events as part of our Seminar Series on topics relating to health system improvement. The seminars bring together local, national and international experts to share their knowledge with an audience of health service executives and clinicians, government staff and other interested people. As well as sharing valuable information, they promote working together, innovation and best practice.

These events were held over 2018–19:

  • In March, a delegation from the UK Government-funded Connected Health Cities initiative presented on harnessing the power of data and technology to improve health and social care services across the North of England. The delegation generously shared learnings from their projects, including the importance of having a multidisciplinary team and building public trust.
  • In May, Professor David Henry, Bond University and Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, Toronto, Canada, and Ximena Camacho, The Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne, spoke about using linked data in Canada and how these experiences could be used to inform increased use of linked data in Australia.
  • In June, Emeritus Professor David Dunt and Professor Erwin Loh presented on the evidence for the effectiveness of public reporting of hospital performance data as a quality improvement strategy and clinicians’ perceptions on this type of reporting.
VAHI Seminar Series
Professor John Ainsworth, Dr Amanda Lamb, Gary Leeming and Ruth Norris from Connected Health Cities.

The Seminar Series will continue in 2019–20, with seminars planned to look at topics including big data analytics and patient-reported outcomes.

For Patient Experience Week in April 2019, VAHI hosted a breakfast at SCV’s Partnering in Healthcare forum to provide an overview of reforms to the VHES program. VAHI CEO, Dr Lance Emerson, presented to delegates on using VHES data to improve outcomes and insights, drawing on five years of patient experience data.

VAHI’s first Annual Forum, held in September 2018, provided another opportunity to connect with stakeholders and share successes, challenges and opportunities to work together. The event celebrated our early achievements and featured speakers discussing directions for quality and safety improvement.


VAHI’s first annual forum

Panel discussion facilitated by Dr Norman Swan; Dr Norman Swan with VAHI CEO, Dr Lance Emerson.
Left to right: Panel discussion facilitated by Dr Norman Swan; Dr Norman Swan with VAHI CEO, Dr Lance Emerson.

In September 2018, VAHI held its first Annual Forum to share our progress and achievements with 170 stakeholders from across the health sector.

We were thrilled to welcome several influential speakers to the event, including Kym Peake, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, and Adjunct Professor David Plunkett, CEO of Eastern Health and Chair of VAHI’s Agency Advisory Committee. The master of ceremonies was Dr Norman Swan, the host of ABC Radio National’s Health Report.

Dr Lance Emerson, VAHI’s CEO, gave a presentation explaining VAHI’s drive for a change in focus in health service reporting and information provision from accountability and scrutiny to shared responsibility. He outlined his vision for how data will contribute to improvements across health services and the health sector generally.

After his engaging and entertaining keynote address, Dr Swan led an energetic panel discussion on how to best progress the quality and safety improvement agenda. The expert panel comprised of Michael Gorton AM, Chair, The Alfred; Dr Sue Matthews, CEO, The Women’s; Associate Professor Andrew Wilson, Chief Medical Officer, Safer Care Victoria; Terry Symonds, Deputy Secretary, Health and Wellbeing, Department of Health and Human Services; and Belinda Macleod-Smith, Consumer Project Lead, Safer Care Victoria. The engagement and participation in the discussion demonstrated the collaborative nature of healthcare improvement.

The event was a great opportunity to bring partners and stakeholders together to celebrate VAHI’s first year of operation and share ideas about health system improvement.

Page last updated: 13 Nov 2019

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