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VAHI engages with a network of committees – many of which are now in their second year of operation – that provide advice to support our decision-making and priorities. Working with committee members, VAHI continues to refine the role and focus of each committee to ensure the issues considered and advice provided aligns with our strategic directions.

Strategic Advisory Committee

The Strategic Advisory Committee held its first meeting in May 2019 and will continue to meet quarterly. The committee’s focus is on shaping VAHI’s future strategic direction, considering the health sector’s emerging trends and key priorities, and applicable lessons from other sectors and industries. It provides advice on positioning VAHI to stimulate quality and safety improvements, increase transparency and accountability, and better inform the community on the health services in their area. Members include health service CEOs, expert researchers, clinicians and consumer representatives.

Agency Advisory Committee

The Agency Advisory Committee played a vital role in VAHI’s establishment and guided us through our first two years – aligning VAHI with the Victorian Government’s commitment to health reform as described in Better, safer care, the Minister’s Statement of Expectations, and Targeting zero.

The Agency Advisory Committee met for the final time in December 2018, after which existing members joined the Strategic Advisory Committee.

Clinical Measurement and Reporting Committee

In 2018–19, the Clinical Measurement and Reporting Committee revised its membership and focus to inform a more strategic approach to VAHI’s reporting program. This continues the committee’s overall goal of assisting VAHI to support others, including health services, SCV and the Department, to drive quality and safety improvements in clinical services. The committee met quarterly over the year.

Patient Experience and Outcomes Measurement and Reporting Committee

The Patient Experience and Outcomes Measurement and Reporting Committee progressed its core aim in 2018–19, assisting VAHI to ensure a strategic approach to investment and the use of data collected through patient reported experience measures (PREMs), patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and clinical quality registries in Victoria.

Over the year, the committee met quarterly and was instrumental in shaping VAHI’s patient-reported outcomes pilot projects.

Board Reports Advisory Committee

In 2018–19, the Board Reports Advisory Committee informed several improvements to VAHI’s Board safety and quality report, including the development of a new framework for reporting to boards in the coming year. The committee met four times during the year. Its focus continues to be assisting VAHI to provide health service board members with information about quality, safety and patient outcomes that they can use in fulfilling their oversight and governance responsibilities.

Private Hospitals Report Advisory Committee

The Private Hospitals Report Advisory Committee was set up in April 2018 to help VAHI maximise the usefulness of its reporting on private hospitals’ quality, safety and patient outcomes.

The committee met five times during 2018–19. It was instrumental in development of the first Quality and safety in Victorian private hospitals report, released in November 2018, and continues to assist VAHI to develop and refine its approach to private hospital reporting.

Victorian Health Incident Management System (VHIMS) Project Board

In 2018–19, the VHIMS Project Board continued to provide governance and oversight for the implementation of an improved incident reporting system in Victorian public health services. The project board has now met 11 times since its inception in 2017 and has been instrumental in providing advice on the VHIMS reforms.

VIME & Portal Project Board

The VIME & Portal Project Board was set up in 2018–19 to provide overall project governance for the VAHI Information Management Environment (VIME)/Portal project. This includes the development of a data-rich, interactive website that will allow transparent public reporting of health service reporting and build of a portal for clinicians to support improvements in clinical practice and patient outcomes.

The project board met approximately monthly over 2018–19, successfully overseeing establishment of the project and the first of three phases of development.

Health Data Integrity Steering Committee

In 2018–19, the Health Data Integrity Steering Committee continued to support VAHI to improve the accuracy and completeness of its data through the health data integrity program. Steering committee members work together to identify and consider data integrity issues. Over the year, the committee’s membership was expanded to be more representative and now includes staff from VAHI, the Department and SCV. The committee met four times during the year.

Information Management Governance Advisory Committee

Over the year, the Information Management Governance Advisory Committee provided advice to the VAHI Executive Committee to ensure information management is streamlined and coordinated. The Committee’s recommendations led to the endorsement of updates to VAHI’s information and data management policy and framework. This dealt with a number of recommendations from an internal data governance audit.

Other committees

VAHI convenes or participates in other committees that fulfil broader functions at state and national levels.

VAHI convenes two committees related to clinical coding and health classification on behalf of the Victorian health sector:

  • Health Classifications Advisory Group met three times in 2018–19, advising on the use and interpretation of health classifications, including those in clinical performance reporting and funding model development
  • Victorian ICD Coding Committee met monthly in 2018–19, considering and publishing Victorian coding queries, promoting strategies for best practice in the use of coding standards and liaising with national coding bodies as required.

For committees convened by other organisations, VAHI is represented at the state level on the:

  • Department of Health and Human Services Statewide Performance and System Oversight Committee
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet Data Reform Working Group.

VAHI also represents Victoria’s combined views – including those of the Department and SCV – via committees and working groups connected to Australia’s system of intergovernmental relations in health. Membership on these committees generally comprises representatives from the Commonwealth and all states and territories. Most committees meet three to four times each year.

VAHI participates on behalf of Victoria on the:

  • National Health Reform Agreement Enhanced Health Data Working Group
  • Australian Health Performance Framework Implementation Working Group
  • National Data Linkage Demonstration Project Steering Committee
  • National Integrated Health Services Information Advisory Committee
  • Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) Strategic Committee for National Health Information.

Further, VAHI provides the Deputy Chair for the AIHW National Health Data and Information Standards Committee. 

Page last updated: 13 Nov 2019

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