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VAHI has been consulting with our stakeholders about our vision and mission in developing our strategic plan for 2019–2022. The below reflects our vision and mission for 2017–2019.

Our vision


Our vision is that:

  • the community is better informed about health services
  • health services receive better information to serve their communities to provide better, safer care
  • across our system everyone has an accurate picture of where the concerns are and where we’re getting it right.
Our mission


Our mission is to stimulate quality and safety improvements, increase transparency, accountability, and inform the community through monitoring and reporting on public and private health and wellbeing services.




Our values represent who we are, how we behave and what we think is important in our work. We share the same values as the Department and have articulated what those values mean in the context of our work.

We have integrity

  • We are professional, honest and transparent in our work
  • Our information is impartial and trustworthy

We are accountable

  • We are accountable for the information and analyses we provide
  • Our work is evidence-based and outcomes-focused

We are innovative

  • We do things differently
  • We value new thinking and perspectives

We collaborate

  • We work with and are responsive to our audiences to maximise outcomes
  • We help each other as colleagues

We are respectful

  • We listen and communicate honestly and clearly
  • We seek to understand others’ perspectives, experiences and contributions

We care for people, families and communities

  • We support and empower people through our work
  • We value our colleagues and we develop and support them to be resilient and effective

Page last updated: 13 Nov 2019