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Victoria’s health service providers should be transparent and accountable to the general public. VAHI wants all Victorians to have easy access to trusted, accurate and meaningful information about health services in their area.

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Presenting patient experience results

In February 2018, VAHI published a public report detailing the experiences of more than 30,000 Victorians after their stay in public hospitals. The report, Adult experiences of care in public hospitals – 2016, included statewide results as well as results for the 84 health services in Victoria.

The results are based on the adult inpatient Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey (VHES), a survey completed by a random sample of eligible adults aged 16 or over who were same-day or one or more night admitted patients.

The results covered key factors that contribute to a patient’s experience with a health service, such as waiting time, how clean the bathrooms were and the information they were given when discharged.

Across all respondents to the survey, 91% rated their overall care as either ‘good’ or ‘very good’ in 2016, and 75% of patients reported positive experiences of discharge from their health service. These results act as a benchmark for health services. While the results were very positive, there is still room for improvement.

VAHI plans to publish further reports looking at different aspects of patient experience in 2018–19.

Reporting performance publicly

Each quarter, VAHI updates the information on the Victorian Health Services Performance website. The update provides statewide and health service-level information on performance in areas including hospital admissions, emergency care, ambulance services, elective surgery, patient experience, dental care and mental health.

VAHI took on oversight of the performance website from the Department.

The purpose of the website is to provide Victorians with an accurate picture about the performance of health services in their local area.

VAHI is working towards enhancing public reporting in 2018–19. We have begun consulting with the Victorian community on their information needs and our reporting products will be based on their input. We plan to co-design these products with consumers over the coming year.

Meeting government reporting requirements

All states and territories must report data to national entities to inform the amount that the Commonwealth Government will pay to each jurisdiction each financial year. The required data includes activities in all public health service streams: admissions, emergency, non-admitted episodes, elective surgery, mental health and financial performance.

Government reporting is not limited to the Commonwealth. The Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance also requires regular health system performance statistics. To guarantee continued funding, the Department of Health and Human Services is accountable to the Victorian people. These performance statistics ensure service delivery continues to be delivered to agreed targets.

VAHI met all reporting obligations for 2017–18. Building on the experience from our first year, the process will be streamlined for the next reporting cycle.

Page last updated: 20 Sep 2018

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