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Improving safety and quality in health services requires strong oversight across the health system. VAHI provides health service CEOs and boards with trusted, timely and accurate information to better enable them to fulfil their governance and oversight roles and responsibilities. Our aim is that CEOs and boards find the information meaningful, and can use it to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of health services.

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Supporting CEOs to run their health services effectively

When VAHI was established, responsibility for some existing reporting functions moved across from the Department of Health and Human Services (the Department).

VAHI’s Monitor reports on the performance of public health services against targets agreed in their Statements of Priorities. It includes key measures related to quality and safe care, governance and leadership, timely access to care and financial management.

Monitor is produced for health service CEOs, boards and the Department. Each health service receives a tailored edition of the report, with their results shown against their targets.

The format of Monitor aims to clearly and simply show whether or not the health service has met the target for each measure. VAHI has made improvements to the report layout, including making information about data sources more concise and accurate, and adding further explanations for key performance measures. We will continue to improve Monitor and seek feedback from health services on how they use the report. 

The Program report for integrated service monitoring (PRISM) is designed to provide a broad view of performance across a range of services provided to the Victorian community by health services.

The report contains health services’ results across a wide range of additional performance measures not contained in Monitor, including access, safety, quality,  operational and financial measures. PRISM is distributed to health service CEOs and board chairs to assist with benchmarking.

PRISM is the result of collaborative work undertaken by the Department and the sector. VAHI will continue to consult with stakeholders about the information they need from PRISM. VAHI will also make improvements to the report, such as developing a library of measures reported and improving the tracking of data submissions.

VAHI released the first monthly and quarterly editions of Monitor and PRISM in March 2017. In addition, VAHI released the annual issues of Monitor and PRISM in October 2017.

Supporting boards in their oversight role

VAHI produced the first Board safety and quality report in March 2017. VAHI designed this new report series specifically to help health service board members in their oversight role. It was created to improve the flow of information in the health system, which the Targeting zero report identified as a need.

The Board safety and quality report contains results for a selection of quality and safety measures. It is distributed to health service CEOs and board members to support their governance role, particularly relating to quality and safety.

Each health service receives an individual report, tailored based on their peer grouping and whether they are located in metropolitan, regional or rural areas. This allows CEOs and board members to compare their results with similar health services. 

Performance targets are intentionally omitted from the Board safety and quality report series, as the information is intended to drive continuous quality improvement, even when a public health service’s performance may already be better than the target. 

VAHI improved the Board safety and quality report series during the year in response to feedback, and by gaining a better understanding of what CEOs and boards want from the report. This will continue as we work closely with our stakeholders in the newly formed Board Reports Advisory Committee.

Page last updated: 20 Sep 2018

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