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Since 2017, VAHI has been working with the Department of Health and Human Services to build a new incident and feedback reporting and management system for 50 small Victorian health services across more than 100 sites.

We have now finished building the first version of the system, known as VHIMS Central, and are moving into the implementation phase. We have also commissioned an Independent Quality Assurance Review and Privacy Impact Assessment to ensure the project has been run effectively and strong safeguards are in place to protect privacy prior to health services using the system.

Later this month, we will be starting a pilot of the VHIMS Central with a small group of sites. Feedback from the pilot will inform improvements to the system ahead of a wider roll out later this year.

In April 2018 we asked health service CEOs to nominate a delegate to work with the VHIMS implementation team. The delegates are key points of contact while we implement the new system. VAHI will support the transition to VHIMS Central through regular communication and resources provided to VHIMS users.

Meanwhile, our group of VHIMS Critical Friends has grown to 150 health service representatives. VHIMS Critical Friends have proven to be ‘critical’ in the process so far, including testing the system and providing important feedback at sessions held in May.

For more information about VHIMS Central, please email

Page last updated: 04 Jul 2018

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