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VAHI News - November 2019

Welcome to the November issue of VAHI news

Stage 1 of the VAHI interactive data portal was launched on 1 November, replacing the existing Victorian Health Services Performance (VHSP) website and providing Victorians with information on the performance, quality and safety of Victorian public health services.

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VAHI News - October 2019

Welcome to the October issue of VAHI news

In this issue of VAHI news, we’re excited to announce progress toward Stage 1 of the VAHI Portal, which aims to provide more interactive, useable, timely and actionable data.

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VAHI News - September 2019

Welcome to the September issue of VAHI news

In this issue, we have an update on our patient-reported outcomes (PROs) pilot projects, which will help us understand of how PROs can be collected and used at the clinician, health service and state level.

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VAHI News - August 2019

Welcome to the August issue of VAHI news

In an exciting step for the Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey (VHES) program, we have begun looking for a survey provider to administer the program from 2020. This presents an opportunity to further reform the program so that it can deliver further value from patient experience results.

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VAHI News - July 2019

Welcome to the July issue of VAHI news

Last month we were delighted to release a first for Australia – the first big linked health data report from the National Data Linkage Demonstration Project, which looked at medications prescribed to over 44,000 Victorian cardiac patients and shows opportunities for improvements in cardiac care. The report demonstrates the potential of big data linkage – something that VAHI will continue to develop in the coming years.

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VAHI News - June 2019

Welcome to the June issue of VAHI news

Firstly, a big thanks to all the senior health service representatives, clinicians and consumers who participated in our planning day and contributed to development of our three-year strategic plan. We have incorporated the views from the day, as well as feedback from last year, to our plans for better tailoring our reports, making them timelier and more useable, reducing reporting duplication and improving data validity. Stay tuned for the three-year plan – to be released soon.

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VAHI News - May 2019

Welcome to the May issue of VAHI news

Last week I was delighted to present on the Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey (VHES) as part of Safer Care Victoria’s Partnering in Healthcare forum. I spoke about VAHI’s reforms to the VHES program and felt very encouraged by the delegates’ enthusiasm for using patient experience data to improve care. This month’s newsletter highlights reforms in place such as the VHES insights reports, which provide a deeper look at the survey data to give health services greater understanding of patient experience data and how it can be used.

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VAHI News - April 2019

Welcome to the April issue of VAHI news

Many health services will be celebrating Patient Experience Week later this month. This is a great opportunity to recognise the hard work of all staff who impact patient experience every day. For those attending the Partnering in Healthcare forum, I encourage you to come to our breakfast event to learn about reforms of the Victorian Health Experience Survey (VHES) and how it relates to improvement in quality and safety.

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VAHI News - March 2019

Welcome to the March issue of VAHI news

This month, we have preliminary results from the first set of VAED audits using our new more targeted risk-based audit approach – showing how accurate health services have been when reporting hospital acquired complications (HACs).

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VAHI News - February 2019

Welcome to the February issue of VAHI news

Firstly, I hope you all had a great festive season and 2019 has started well. We've heard your feedback from last year and are working to improve our reporting products. Some recent enhancements include:

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VAHI News - December 2018

Welcome to the December issue of VAHI news

VAHI was very proud to release Victoria’s first private hospital quality and safety report last month. The report provides all private hospitals in Victoria comparative quality and safety data, better enabling them to learn from each other and understand where they are getting and right and where they can improve.

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VAHI News - November 2018

Welcome to the November issue of VAHI news

Last week, VAHI hit the road with Safer Care Victoria for our joint patient experience of quality and safety roadshow, designed to help health services make better use of patient experience information. Feedback to date has been excellent and it’s not too late to register for the next events.

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VAHI News - October 2018

Welcome to the October issue of VAHI news

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who attended our Annual Forum on 20 September. It was a great celebration of VAHI’s first year with colleagues from health services, consumer groups, Safer Care Victoria and the Department. Dr Norman Swan led an insightful panel discussion on using data to drive quality and safety improvement.

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VAHI News - September 2018

Welcome to the September issue of VAHI news

I’m delighted to announce that the new VHIMS Central system went live last month at four pilot sites. Health services have been waiting a long time for an effective and user-friendly incident management system so it’s exciting to have VHIMS Central up and running. Find out more below. 

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VAHI News - August 2018

Welcome to the August edition of VAHI news

Over the past few weeks, we have been reviewing all of the feedback received from a wide range of stakeholders on VAHI's reports and the measures they contain. In this issue, we summarise some of the key points you raised in the consultations. It’s an exciting time as we start to use this feedback to guide improvements across our reporting products. 

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VAHI News - July 2018

Your feedback on VAHI reports

VAHI has consulted with a range of stakeholders to get your feedback on our reports, and the quality and safety measures we report in them, to inform our reporting program for 2018–19.

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VAHI News - June 2018

Death in low mortality DRGs measure to be withdrawn pending review

Based on feedback from health services, the death in low mortality diagnosis-related groups (DRGs) measure will no longer be included in the Statement of Priorities and will be removed from VAHI reports while the methodology is reviewed. 

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VAHI News - May 2018

Our goal: Become a leading health information agency

Over the past few months since starting with VAHI, I’ve attended numerous forums and meetings, visited many services and listened to what data, information and reports you require to provide better, safer care.

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VAHI News - April 2018

VAHI’s new CEO presents to health services

On Wednesday 14 March, VAHI CEO Dr Lance Emerson presented at the Health Service CEO forum held by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Central to the presentation was a discussion around the review of VAHI’s reporting program, where Lance urged CEOs to share their feedback on VAHI’s current reporting suite. He stated that VAHI is eager to understand health services’ data and information needs, and how clinicians, board members and CEOs would like to receive this information.

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VAHI News - March 2018

Welcome to VAHI news

Welcome to the first issue of our monthly update newsletter. Our aim is to provide you with information on current VAHI reports and developments, details about what VAHI are currently working on, our plans for the future, and other issues related to health and human services data and information.

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